Actor Park Seo Jun has revealed his relaxed daily life in Japan. On the 19th, Park Seo Jun posted on his Instagram, "Thank you for the great
The photo was posted with the caption, "Memories. @nigo @verdy." The photo shows Park Seo Jun in casual but fashionable clothes, enjoying his leisure time.
Park Seo Jun is spending a meaningful time with art. Park Seo Jun is drawing admiration with his casual yet powerful presence.
Internet users who saw this commented, "Thank you for sharing. Are you enjoying Tokyo?", "Just sharing your good times with us is healing.", "Happy memories."
"You've made a lot of appearances and come back~~" and "Your kind smile is the best." Meanwhile, the Netflix series "Gyeongseong Creatures" starring Park Seo Jun and Han Seo Hee has been receiving rave reviews.
"The Creatures of Seoul" season 2 will be set in Seoul in 2024, where Tae-san and Ho-jae, who looks exactly like him, live in spring in Seoul.
This is the story of Chae-ok, who survived the war, and her encounters that unravel the never-ending ties, destinies, and bad connections of Gyeongseong.

By 編集部 2024/05/19 23:44 KST