Lee HONG-KI thanked the fans who celebrated the 14th anniversary of FTISLAND's Japanese debut.
On the 19th, HONG-KI posted on his Instagram story, "14th anniversary of FTISLAND's major debut in Japan.
"Thank you for the congratulations," he wrote in the photo. In the photo, HONG-KI is seen wearing a white T-shirt.
HONG-KI brings healing to those who see his work with his pure visuals.
Also, Lee Jaejin from the same group posted on his Instagram on the same day, "Congratulations on the 14th anniversary of your major debut in Japan.
Congratulations! And thank you!' he wrote. Meanwhile, FTISLAND will be performing in Kobe on April 25th, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hiroshima on June 9th.
"2024 FTISLAND LIVE IN JAPAN "HEY DAY"" is being held.
In addition, "FTISLAND" will be held at Blue Square in Seoul for two days from June 29th to 30th.
The solo concert "2024 FTISLAND LIVE 'PULSE'" will be held at Mastercard Hall.
By chunchun 2024/05/19 23:40 KST