Actor Byeon WooSeok's TV series "Run with Sungjae on Your Back" behind-the-scenes footage has been released. On the 21st, Byeon WooSeok's management office VARO
Entertainment's Official NAVER POST posted a number of photos under the title, "Is it okay if I fall in love with [Byeon WooSeok]?"
The released photos show scenes from the set of the TV series "Run with Sungjae on Your Back," in which Byeon WooSeok is currently appearing.
From Sungjae in his 30s to Sungjae in his 20s, Byeon WooSeok's amazing visuals are sure to catch your eye. For more photos, please visit VARO.
You can see it on the Official NAVER Entertainment POST (
Meanwhile, Byeon WooSeok is currently appearing in tvN's Mon-Tue TV series "Run with Sungjae on Your Back."
"Run with Sungjae on Your Back" is the story of top star Ryu Sungjae (Byeon WooSeok) whose life ended tragically, and the Thai actress who ran a Thai restaurant in 2008 to save him.
This fantasy romance depicts the story of an obsessive fan named Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon), and has become a hot topic, rapidly increasing viewership and gaining popularity.

By minmin 2024/05/22 14:14 KST