Kim Dong-jun (ZE:A) has been showing off his versatile charms through his YouTube content. On the 21st, Kim Dong-jun released his official YouTube channel "Kim Dong-jun
"KIM DONG JUN" includes his schedule and preparations in the US, and "Las Vegas → Grand Canyon" includes his daily life in the US.
Canyon) Eating, sightseeing and traveling | KIM DONG JUN's 'While I'm There' EP.
They released a video titled "1".
First, five days before his departure to Las Vegas, Kim Dong Jun was given a camera by the staff.
He learned how to use the ra. His ability to find the right angle like a professional actor drew attention. Kim Dong Jun met with his travel companion and magazine editor-in-chief three days before leaving and said, "The ra
"I've never been to Vegas," he said, showing his excitement. "I'll tell you when I go through immigration that I came here to tell you about Korea," he said, referring to the heroine of "Koryeo-Khitan War (original title)."
He made everyone laugh with his comments that were typical of Hyeonjong. Kim Dong Jun, who left for America, could not hide his excitement from the plane.
After dropping off his luggage at the hotel, Kim Dong Jun chose steak as his first meal on the menu. He ate it with gusto and was immersed in the taste of the meat.
The next day, Kim Dong Jun headed to the Grand Canyon. Upon seeing the majestic nature, Kim Dong Jun said, "There is nothing greater than nature.
"It's like going to another world when you go over there," he said in admiration. "When you go to Las Vegas, you can see Kim Dong Jun's diverse charms.
OG" EP.2 will be released on Kim Dong Jun's official YouTube channel on the 22nd. Meanwhile, Kim Dong Jun will hold a live broadcast on the 25th at 7 pm at Mapo-gu, Seoul.
) at Shinhan Card SOL Pay Square, located in
They will hold "RECORD: First Record" and meet with their fans.

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