Actor Jang Ki Yong has also started to hold global fan meetings in earnest. Recently, Byeon WooSeok from tvN's 'Run With Sungjae' and Kim Soo-hyo from 'Queen of Tears'
While actors such as Jang Jin-hee and Jung Hae-young are holding Asian fan meetings after finishing their works, Jang Ki Yong, who finished the JTBC TV series "Not a Hero" last week, is also participating in fan meetings.
On the 13th, Jang Ki Yong's management office YG Entertainment said, "Jang Ki Yong will be appearing on the 2024 Asia Fan Meeting Tour 'Beautiful
They will hold a new "Group Day" in August and visit six cities including Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, and Bangkok to meet with global fans."
The title of this fan meeting, which will be held for the first time in five years since 2019's "Filmography", is "Beaut
"iFul Day" contains Jang Ki Yong's special expectations and meaning as he tries to create "the most beautiful day" and "the most beautiful moment" with his fans whom he has not seen in a long time.
In the teaser poster, Jang Ki Yong is leaning against a window with sunlight streaming in, his eyes closed and smiling, creating a refreshing atmosphere and drawing the attention of fans.
Jang Ki Yong played the role of Bok Ki Joo, a man with the supernatural power of time travel, in the recently concluded TV series "Not a Hero, But..."
The drama delicately portrays her accepting the challenge, overcoming depression, and regaining true happiness and love, proving her unchanging presence with even deeper sensibility and charm.
Jang Ki Yong, who has gained popularity overseas through various works, is now working on various projects in order to repay the support he has received.
We plan to have a lively performance and time for communication.

By Corin 2024/06/13 11:03 KST