All of the stationery used by BTS's SUGA in his letter to ARMY (official fandom name) has sold out.
The letter that BTS sent to their fans on the 11th anniversary of their debut was made public at the festival on the 13th.
BTS ESTA is an event held every year to commemorate the debut date of BTS, and this year JIN's Fan Meeting and Ground Festival were held in Jamsil.
On the large screen in the center of the ground, a video of the letters from the members of "BTS" was played. Through this, the members expressed their gratitude and affection for ARMY who waited for them during their military enlistment period.
The stationery chosen by the members also became a hot topic. Among them, the stationery chosen by SUGA was a product of Morning Glory's new character "Monji" that will be released in 2023.
This character was ranked first in online surveys conducted in August of last year as the most popular new character. As soon as this fact became known, Morning Glory's online site
The stationery that SUGA chose quickly sold out. In response to numerous inquiries from fans at home and abroad who were unable to purchase it, Morning Glory responded, "Monji sold out immediately after it was put into stock.
"We are currently waiting for stock to arrive, and plan to restock a small amount between the 18th and 19th," the company said. In addition, the BT21 Ribbon Edition, which went on sale on LINE Friends on the 13th,
The campaign was also popular, with SUGA's character SHOOKY merchandise selling out as soon as it went on sale.
SUGA Agust D Tour 'D-DAY' The Original" sold out as soon as pre-orders began.

By chunchun 2024/06/19 00:04 KST