Singer JAEJUNG appeared in a Japanese weekly magazine. On the 18th, JAEJUNG posted a photo on his Instagram along with a star emoji.
The photo features the cover of a magazine, with JAEJUNG featured as the main star.
The cover reads "20th anniversary of debut."
Netizens who saw this commented, "JAEJUNG is not defeated by flashy typos," "As always
"So cool," "I pre-ordered it online. I'm happy with the surprise present," "I bought it~!! It was a great JAEJUNG," and other responses were shown. Meanwhile, on the 26th, JAEJUNG
To celebrate their 20th debut anniversary, they will be making a comeback with the full album "FLOWER GARDEN".
And on July 20th and 21st, there will be a concert with the same name as the new album.
He plans to hold "FLOWER GARDEN in SEOUL" to celebrate his 20th debut anniversary with his fans. Jaejung will also be appearing in the film "The Shrine: The Whisper of a Demon".
In "Shrine," he transforms into a priest. "Shrine" is about three university students who go to investigate an abandoned shrine in Japan, but then disappear, and the priest (Jaejung) and his university classmates try to discover the true identity of the evil spirits surrounding them.
It is an occult horror film about a mysterious being who is trying to stop a person from becoming a spy.

By chunchun 2024/06/19 00:07 KST