The photoshoot for Onew, a member of the group SHINee, was revealed. On the 18th, Onew's official Instagram account posted an orange emoji and the hashtag "#Onew
Several photos were posted with the hashtag #ONEW. The published photos include the caption "marie claire
It includes footage from a photo shoot for the June issue of "KOREA."
Onew's cheerful attitude as he posed for the photoshoot warmed the hearts of his fans.
Fans who saw the post commented, "So cool," "How wonderful Onew is.
Thank you," "So cute...what should I do...," "Your glasses are great too
"," "You're having fun filming," "Orange hair is the best!" and other comments were left. Meanwhile, Onew recently held an exclusive solo fan meeting "2024 ONEW" in Korea and Japan.
FANMEETING 'GUESS!'" ended successfully. With the enthusiastic response of global fans, Onew will hold concerts in Macau on June 23, Manila on July 4, Kaohsiung on July 13, and Taipei on July 16.
The fan meetings will continue in Singapore on the 21st and Kuala Lumpur on July 27th.

By minmin 2024/06/19 07:25 KST