Actor Sung Dong Il talked about Yeo Jin Goo, who co-starred with him in the movie "Hijack." On the 24th, the YouTube channel "Cheers Brother Shin Dong Yup" posted a video of "Ha Jung
Woo, Sung Dong Il, SooBinEP. Warning: He's a total idiot. No one knows why he's laughing! A video titled "Ha Jung Woo-style Say Whatever You Want Broadcast" was uploaded.
On this day, Sung Dong Il said, "When I was filming the movie 'National Representative!?' with Ha Jung Woo, we drank somek (a type of alcohol made by mixing soju and beer). It's been a while since I last drank alcohol, but I found that Ha Jung Woo's taste is different from that of beer.
"Ha Jung Woo said one thing to me: 'Brother, if you keep going like this, you're going to die.' He urged me so much that I drank it once, but the next day I woke up without any problems.
"I quit drinking alcohol after 36 years. When I drink wine, I make fewer mistakes and it doesn't interfere with my work the next day," he said, explaining the change in his drinking habits.
When Shin Dong-yup thought that SooBin, who appeared with him, was the youngest member, Sung Dong-il replied, "The youngest member is
Yeo Jin Goo is the youngest." Sung Dong Il said, "He's changed a little. It seems like just the other day that he played the role of the son, but he drinks the most out of us. It was really sudden.
I drink. I buy soju at the convenience store before going in, and drink when I get to my room." Ha Jung Woo continued, "I drink five bottles of soju. I film on set, and then I go to the restaurant on set and drink.
We drank a lot of alcohol. Catering came in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening, it turned into an indoor food stall. If the assistant mayor or other supporting staff had time, they would come and have a drink in the restaurant, and we would work together as a team.
"I'm glad that my performance has improved," he said, describing the atmosphere on the set of the movie "Hijack." Meanwhile, "Hijack," starring Sung Dong Il, Ha Jung Woo, Soo Bin, and Yeo Jin Goo,
"The Great Passage" was released in Korea on the 21st.

By chunchun 2024/06/25 00:14 KST