LG Household & Health Care's skincare brand "PHYSIOGEL" announced on the 24th that it has selected actor Byeon WooSeok as its global ambassador.
Byeon WooSeok recently had his big break through the popular TV series "Run With Sungjae on Your Back," which ended its run.
PHYSIOGEL believes Byeon WooSeok's clean and straightforward charm is the key to PHYSIOGEL's success.
We selected him as a global ambassador because we felt that his image is a good match with our pursuit of healthy, natural skin beauty.
PHYSIOGEL will carry out marketing activities together with Byeon WooSeok in various regions including Korea, the United States, China, and Thailand.
PHYSIOGEL and Byeon WooSeok's first joint campaign, "Let's do it together this summer with WooSeok," will be released on Olive in July.
You can meet them at Young. In the future, Byeon WooSeok plans to communicate with PHYSIOGEL customers around the world through various global campaigns.
A PHYSIOGEL brand representative from LG Household & Health Care said, “PHYSIOGEL provides optimal solutions for sensitive skin with a variety of brand lines, and we have a wide range of concepts.
"We look forward to creating positive synergy with Byeon WooSeok, an actor with a wide range of charms who can blend in naturally with the cast," he said. "We will work with Byeon WooSeok to achieve PHYSIOGEL's vision of
"We will provide a differentiated customer experience by expressing 'natural health and individual beauty' in a variety of ways."

By minmin 2024/06/25 00:17 KST