Shownu of the group MONSTA X has released a behind-the-scenes video of the musical "Great Comet."
On the official YouTube channel of "X", Shownu posted a run-through and a sit-probe (German for "sitting rehearsal") of the musical "Great Comet".
A video showing him practicing for the run-through of his musical debut "Great Comet" was released. Shownu appeared nervous as he entered the practice room.
After loosening up his body and shaking off the tension, Shownu showed his devoted side by playing the piano and practicing high notes.
Shownu has been perfect in choreography, facial expressions, etc. from the first number of the role of "Anatole".
In the next number, Shownu captured the attention of the audience by exuding his homme fatale charm along with his famous lines.
In particular, Shownu effortlessly performed alongside his seniors, delivering a methodical performance that was indistinguishable from reality.
During his short break, Shownu was seen reviewing his weak points through vocal exercises, and when asked about the part he was most concerned about, he said, "My body is
"I can move as I want, but the song doesn't go as I want it to," he said, expressing his frustration. Shownu showed his concentration and danced professionally with a violin during the run-through of the second act.
The stage continued. Shownu played an instrument while also perfectly managing facial expressions, acting, and dancing, and skillfully led the play with his ad-libs.

By minmin 2024/07/10 18:16 KST