A pictorial of BTS member JIN under the hot summer sun has been released.
KOREA" released three cover pictorials with JIN on their official Instagram.
KOREA" begins, "This story begins with a happy encounter with a person who suits my current freshness perfectly.
The main character is JIN from BTS, who recently discharged and has returned to us."
He continued, "Thanks to his long, cute hair, JIN looks much more innocent than before.
The moment he stood in front of the camera, the set was filled with the bright energy he conveyed. The story of how he separated from his boyfriend on a winter day and reunited with him on a summer day like a dream is told on three covers and a total of 44 pages.
"The photo shoot and interview will reach a total of 10,000 fans," he added. Meanwhile, JIN was discharged on June 12 after completing his one year and six month military service.
On June 13th, the day after Discharge and the 11th anniversary of his debut, JIN met his fans in person by holding a hug party with 1,000 fans.
He is also scheduled to participate as a torchbearer at the 2024 Paris Olympics, which will be held on the 27th.

By minmin 2024/07/10 16:20 KST