Actress Park Sin Hye has changed into wine-colored clothes and attracted attention with her bold style. On the 10th, Park Sin Hye posted on her Instagram, "Autumn full of mood," "My beloved
Along with the caption, "Wine is my favorite color," Park Shin Hye posted an autumn pictorial for the women's clothing brand she is a model for. In the pictorial, Park Shin Hye revealed that wine is her favorite color.
She showed off a variety of autumn styles, including colorful skirts, two-piece suits, suits, and dresses, showing off her bold and lovely autumn style.
Meanwhile, Park Sin Hye appeared in the JTBC TV series "Doctor Slump" this year. She is also appearing in the new SBS TV series "The Man Who Came From Hell".
In "Judge from Hell," Kang Bi-na, a "devil from hell" who has taken over the body of a judge, is a detective who is more human than anyone else in a reality that is more hellish than hell.
It is a romantic fantasy about the coexistence of good and evil, in which the protagonist meets a certain Han Daon, punishes criminals, and is reborn as a true judge.
By chunchun 2024/07/11 00:03 KST