「EXO」CHANYEOL、自身の作詞曲「Good Enough」でiTunes30地域で1位
”EXO” CHANYEOL ranks first in 30 iTunes regions with his own lyrics song ”Good Enough”
EXO's CHANYEOL swept the global charts with her solo song "Good Enough."
"EXO" CHANYEOL's single "Good" released on the 20th
"Enough" topped the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 30 regions around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.
Local music aimed at CHANYEOL won first place on the digital album sales chart on China's largest music platform QQ Music
This once again confirmed the high interest of fans. "Good Enough", which CHANYEOL wrote the lyrics by himself, is an easy listen song with an attractive rhythmic synthesizer line.
It's a synth pop song. The lyrics say that everyone lives their life with a dream, and in response to the anxiety they encounter in their dreams, the song conveys a warm and comforting message that ``it's okay just to do it.''
2023/10/21 15:19 KST
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