Netflixドラマ「Sweet Home」、シーズン3は2024年夏の公開確定
Netflix TV Series “Sweet Home” series, season 3 confirmed for release in summer 2024
Season 3 of Netflix's "Sweet Home - Ore to Sekai no Despair" will arrive in summer 2024. "Sweet
Home” Season 3 has been confirmed to be released next summer. "Sweet
Season 2 of ``Home'' is a world where desire becomes a monster, and Hyun-soo and Guri continue their desperate struggle to survive in a new place after leaving Green Home.
This is a Netflix series that depicts new desires, incidents, and deadly battles, including the survivors of Green Home, the appearance of other beings, and mysterious phenomena.
Director Lee Eun said, ``Will the monster Hyun-soo controlling Hyun-soo be able to wake up the human Cha Hyun-soo again? Woo.
Where will the appearance of Ng-hyuk and the MH (monster human) group and the end of their transformation into monsters occur?'', leaving a clue to the story that will take place in season 3.
The actors also said, ``The world view that started in season 1 will expand in earnest in season 2, and in season 3, each character will grow in several directions.
"A story of characters colliding, conflicting and cooperating" (LEEJINWOO), "There are more reversals" (Lee Si Young), "The world has become bigger and stronger.
Expectations for season 3 include, "An even more spectacular story will unfold, from monsters to characters who fight with enhanced fighting power to overcome crises." (Jin Young)
mentioned. Season 2 of the TV series "Sweet Home" is currently available on Netflix, with season 3 scheduled to be released in summer 2024.
2023/12/14 07:03 KST
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