Netflix シリーズ「イカゲーム」シーズン2 2024 年独占配信開始、Netflix シリーズ「Sweet Home -俺と世界の絶望-」シーズン3 2024 年独占配信開始、Netflix 映画『バッドランド・ハンターズ』独占配信中、Netflix シリーズ「脱出おひとり島」シーズン4 2024 年独占配信開始
Announcing the ``2024 Korean Netflix Works'' lineup, from sequels such as ``Squid Game'' and ``Escape Alone Island'' to new works by Song Joong Ki & Kim Soo Hyun
Netflix, which provides one of the world's largest video STREAM services specializing in entertainment, plans to STREAM a wide variety of Korean titles in 2024. "Crash Landing on You" "Itaewon"
After ``Class'', he also appeared in human TV series such as ``Woo Young Woo is a Genius Lawyer'', thrillers such as ``Now Our School Is...'', and ``The Glory''.
Around the world, such as PENG SOO, the love reality show “Escape Alone Island”, etc.
“Korean works on Netflix” have produced a series of Hot Topic works that have excited fans. In "Squid Game" which shocked the world, 2022
K achieved the feat of becoming the first Asian to win the Best Actor Award at the 2018 Emmy Awards.
It went beyond its content and became a worldwide masterpiece loved by many people. This time, 2024 STREAM has the potential to rewrite such history.
's main new lineup (total of 31 titles) and STREAM period are released all at once! At the same time, the first photo that is sure to impress everyone's "likes" will be released!
●The long-awaited “new season” is now available from the blockbuster series that has caused a social phenomenon all over the world!
Season 2 of "Squid Game", which was decided by STREAM in the fourth quarter (October to December), will feature everyone's favorite games such as "Daruma-san Fell Down" and "Tug of War" for a huge prize.
A survival thriller where players try to play a game based on nostalgic games they know and aim to survive and win prize money under the unforgiving rule that if you lose, you die instantly. In addition to thrilling developments that will keep your hands sweating,
The human character of the TV series, which is reflected in the main character Ki-hoon and other players' "reasons why they were forced to play the game," has also attracted a lot of Hot Topic, and season 1 has been popular in 94 countries around the world, including Japan.
It was ranked ``today's overall TOP1'' in several countries and became the No. 1 mega hit in Netflix history. The new season will feature familiar faces such as Lee Jung Jae, Lee Byung Hun, and Gong Yoo.
In addition to the cast of Stain, there are new members such as Im Siwan, Kang HaNeul, Park SungHoon, Choi Seung Hyun of former "BIGBANG", Jo Yu Ri of former "IZONE", Park GyuYoung, etc.
It has also been decided that the cast will participate, and attention will be focused on the beginning of the scaled-up Death Game. ●SF thriller, love romance, human TV series, mystery...all genres.
Also pay attention to the comprehensive new series! “Parasyte” is a new story based on the worldview of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s “Parasyte” (published by Kodansha), a timeless masterpiece manga.
-The Gray-'' (April-June STREAM) is an unidentified parasite that infects humans as hosts and attempts to take over and control the brain.
A story of living beasts and humans. Jeon SoNee, who plays the main character Jeon Soo-in, who lives a strange coexistence with a parasite that does not control his brain while being attacked by parasites, and Goo, a superstar in the independent film industry.
Lee Jong Hyun, a talented and talented actress recognized by Kyohwan and Lady Gaga, is on the list. The movie that sparked the Korean zombie boom, ``New Infection'', is taking the megaphone.
Yeon Sang-ho, known for ``Final Express''. How does a director who uses his overwhelming imagination to create a unique worldview reincarnate a ``parasite''?
or attract attention. In addition, STREAM has already started and the mystery thriller "Songsan - Hill of Mourning" has been called Hot Topic, and one of the director's masterpieces that STREAM has decided to release in the fourth quarter (October to December).
There are many works by Yeon Sang-ho, such as Season 2 of ``Hell is Calling.'' The screenplay is written by Park Ji-eun, who wrote ``Crash Landing on You'', and Kim JiWoo-won of ``My Liberation Diary'' and ``Just a Psycho''
``Queen of Tears'' (until March STREAM), starring Kim Soo Hyun of ``Do I'm Okay'', is an unusual love story. Hong Hae In, known as the “Queen of the Department Store Industry”, is celebrating their third wedding anniversary.
One day, Baek HyunWoo, who lives in the countryside and is known as the "Supermarket Prince", is trying to put an end to his cold marriage.One day, he is faced with the biggest crisis, and his love that has been on hold ends.
The story begins to move again... This is a spin-off of the blockbuster series "Wise Doctor's Life," which had a lot of "Ross" voices after the final episode of STREAM, and follows the real daily lives of novice doctors aiming to become obstetricians and gynecologists.
Human medical TV series “Resident Playbook (tentative title)” will also be released on STREAM in the second quarter (April to June). The main character, a first-year obstetrician and gynecologist, is ``Sweet Home''.
He will be played by Ko Yoon Jun, who has garnered attention for his roles in films such as ``Despair of Me and the World'' and ``Kankon''. Seo HyunJin, who is known for being perfect in any role, has appeared in “Squid Game” and “Top Top”.
The mystery ``Trunk'', which approaches the secrets of a couple living a strange marriage, will be released in the fourth quarter (October to December), presented by GongYoo, who has a strong presence in songs such as ``Kebi ~The Lovely Days You Gave Me~''.
) decided to STREAM. ●STREAM starts in January, and there are already many hot topic works! The romantic comedy “Doctor Slump” (currently on STREAM) presented by Bang Hyung Sik and Park Sin Hye is about that.
The story depicts two doctors who, for their own reasons, have fallen into the worst slump of their lives, but find solace in each other's presence and find the joy of living again. Many people have fallen in love with this heartrending yet loving story. Also,
In Badland Hunters (currently on STREAM), an action blockbuster set in Seoul, which has turned into an apocalyptic wasteland, a man must take it upon himself to save a girl who has been kidnapped by a crazy doctor known for human experimentation.
Popular actor Ma Dong Seok plays the role of a strong hunter who dives into great danger. There is no doubt that Dong-seok, who is unrivaled in full-scale action, is Marcos Benjamin Lee.
●The movie has a big cast that is exciting today! “Descendants of the Sun Love Under”
Song Joong Ki, the top actor who gained popularity with ``The Sun'' and who made ``Vincenzo'' a big hit, and Choi Sung Eun of ``Annarasmanara'' will co-star for the first time in ``Ross''.
・Giwan'' (3/1 STREAM), Giwan, a North Korean defector who desperately clings to life, and Marie, a woman who has lost the will to live, fall in love and become the meaning of each other's lives.
A story of endless love. Kim WooBin, who has appeared in hit works such as ``MASTER'', ``The Heirs'', and ``Delivery Man ~Savior of the End~'', is trying to prevent crimes before they occur.
The action comedy ``Budo Practical Officer'', in which he plays a martial artist who monitors things and protects the safety of citizens, will be released on STREAM in the third quarter (July to September).
"Uprising" (English title), which STREAM decided to release in the fourth quarter (October to December), will be directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda's "Baby"
Kang Dong Won, who gave a great performance in ``The Broker,'' is set in the Joseon Dynasty era, and is a story about a commoner-born man with extraordinary swordsmanship who struggles to break free from the status of a retainer into which he has been unfairly trapped.
She plays Jeongyeon. In addition, Kim Da Mi, who came into the limelight as the heroine Jo Yi-seo in ``Itaewon Class,'' and ``Squid Game,'' ``The God of Narco,'' and ``Paper House Cori.''
Park Hye-soo, who has shown off her overwhelming acting skills by appearing in world-famous blockbusters such as "A: Seize the Unified Currency", is a science fiction film set on the last day of the earth that depicts the struggles of people facing disaster.
The panic movie “The Great Flood” will also be released on STREAM in the fourth quarter (October to December). ●A wide variety of works with a wide variety of tastes are available!
A new season of STREAM has been decided for the fourth quarter (October to December), the extremely popular love reality show “Escape Ohi”
Tori Island” Season 4. This series, in which single men and women gather on a remote island surrounded by the sea and live together in search of true love, is the first Korean variety series to be released on Netflix.
It ranked in the weekly global top 10 (non-English series) and ignited the popularity of Korean romance reality shows. season 3
Since then, new rules have been added, and expectations are high for this work to become more powerful with each season.
In addition, the ultimate survival entertainment program was designed to find the person with the strongest physical ability, and 100 people with well-trained bodies participated.
"Physical 100" Season 2 - Underground (until March STREAM), a strategic survival game in which participants challenge games that test the limits of their bodies and aim for the crown and large prize money.
Producer Jeongyeon, who captivated viewers all over the world with the reality series ``Devil's Plan'', produced the idol group Aespa.
The adventure mystery ``A
The rich lineup, including ``Gent of Mystery'' (STREAM from April to June), is also attracting attention.

Korean shows and movies coming to Netflix in 2024 | K-Content Lineup [ENG SUB]
Korean shows and movies coming to Netflix in 2024 | K-Content Lineup [ENG SUB]

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