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Sweet Home season2

Sweet Home season2
  • English:Sweet Home season2
  • Korean:스위트홈 시즌2
  • Original Network: Netflix(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/12/01 - 2023/12/01
Sweet Home Season 2 (Korean: 스위트홈 시즌2) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-12-01. The broadcast will end on 2023-12-01.
The broadcasting station is Netflix (2023). The long-awaited sequel to the hit Netflix series "Sweet Home - Despair of Me and the World"! .
Now that the boundary between humans and monsters has collapsed, the world has become more dangerous than ever. The survivors continue their fight to survive.
I wonder if that…. The Korean TV series "Sweet Home - Me and the Despair of the World - Season 2" features characters who leave the green home and fight to the death to survive in a new place, as well as new characters.
A work that depicts incidents and battles with characters that appear in the series. All EP8. Actor Song Kang will play Cha Hyun Soo, who lived in room 1410.
Actor LEEJINWOO will play Byun Sang-wook, a former murderer.
Actress Lee Si Young plays Seo Yi-kyung, a firefighter from the special forces who lived in Room 502.
Actress Go MinSi plays Lee Eun Yoo, who lived in room 8507.
Bassist Yoon Jisoo, who lived in room 1510, was portrayed by actress Park GyuYoung.
Actress Kim plays Cha Jin-ok, the director of the kindergarten on the first floor of Green Home.
- Performed by Hee-jung. Actor Yu Oh Sung plays the role of Tak In-hwan, the boss of the guard squad. Actor Kim Moo Yul will play Kim Young-hoo, the number two of the guard squad.
Actor Jin Young (former B1A4) will play Park Chan-young, a private in the guard squad.
Dr. Im, who is researching vaccines, will be played by actor Oh Jung Se.
Actress Kim Si A will play the mysterious child.



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