Impersonating a “BTS” member? Man in his 20s who obtained unreleased music and military service information sentenced to prison in first trial
A man in his 20s who was suspected of falsely identifying himself as Suga and V of the Korean boy group BTS and collecting unreleased music has been sentenced to prison in the first trial.
According to the legal community, on the 24th, the Seoul Central District Court's Detective 27 Exclusive filed a complaint against Mr. A, a man in his 20s, who was indicted on the 19th of this month on suspicion of violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.
, was sentenced to one year in prison. From August to September 2022, Mr. A falsely identified himself as SUGA from "BTS" and obtained unreleased guide sound sources while having a conversation with the producer, Mr. B. Also,
In November of the same year, under the guise of Mr. B, he contacted Suga directly to collect information on his album release, release date, and military service-related information regarding his enlistment date.
Not only that, Mr. A pretended to be member V and received over 10 unreleased guide sound source files from another producer.
I found out that I had received the file. In addition to this, management office's album release information that is not available to the public, unreleased sound source information, personal information and background information of the affiliated singers,
He was also charged with obtaining schedules and other information without permission (obstruction of business). It is suspected that he approached the album producer using a cell phone and received military service and unreleased material.
The judge said, ``As a result of the defendant's actions, the victims and the victim company may have suffered considerable financial and social damage.'' Something happened
The victims are believed to have suffered considerable psychological damage." He went on to say, ``The motive behind the crime was to use the unpublished information he had collected to gain people's attention by pretending to be a successful composer.''
``The nature of the crime is not good because he continued to commit the crime while he was under investigation and trial for similar crimes.''
The trial chamber stated, ``The defendant had previously been sentenced to prison for a crime that was partially similar to the method used in this case.''
He also has a history of rape,'' and explained, ``The damage has never fully recovered, and he has not been able to obtain forgiveness from his victims.'' However, ``He is currently showing remorse, and the defendant's family is doing well.''
The reason for the sentencing was ``we considered the fairness of the case if the case went to trial with a final judgment.''
On the other hand, Mr. A, who is known as a music producer, appealed the first instance judgment on the 23rd.
A complaint has been filed in court.
2024/01/24 19:57 KST
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