KBS 2TV週末ドラマ「ヒョシムの独立奮闘記~Live Your Own Life」、MBC金土ドラマ「夜に咲く花」が週末(3日)ドラマ視聴率1、2位を記録した。
Weekend TV series such as “Hyo Shim’s Struggle for Independence” and “Flowers Blooming at Night” dominate the top weekend TV ratings
KBS 2TV weekend TV series "Hyo-shim's struggle for independence - Live Your Own Life" and MBCFri-SatTV series "Flowers that bloom at night" ranked 1st and 2nd in TV series viewer ratings on the weekend (3rd).
. "Koryo-Khitan War" ranked third, continuing the popularity of Taiga TV Series. According to the household viewer ratings in 13 regions across the country announced by Nielsen Korea on the 3rd, ``Hyo-shim's Independence Struggle'' (Episode 3, Episode 8)
) recorded 20.6%, ranking first among all programs. This is the highest number among all programs broadcast on weekends, including TV series from three terrestrial TV stations, variety shows, and current affairs shows.
“Flowers Blooming at Night” (Episode 8) came in second with 12.6%. Like ``Hyo Shim's Struggle for Independence'', it recorded the second highest viewership rating among all programs. Meanwhile, public broadcasting 50th anniversary special
The KBS 2TV Taiga TV Series ``Koryo-Khitan War'' recorded 9.7%, proving the high popularity of the weekend TV series.
2024/02/04 14:27 KST
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