JENNIE transforms into Kim Hee Sun in TV Series ”Tomato”... Yoo Jae Suk exclaims, ”As expected of JENNIE” = (”Apartment 404”)
"Apartment 404" sets out on a journey through time. tvN's "Apartment 404" (directed by Jeong Chul-min and Shin So-young), which will be broadcast for the first time today (23rd), stars Yoo Jae-seok.
, Cha Tae Hyeong, Oh Na Ra, Yang Se-chan, JENNIE, and Lee Jung Ha live in an apartment that is a familiar space and the basis of our lives.
A true story mystery drama that transcends time and space and traces the reality of something extraordinary against the backdrop of In EP1, the first case investigation by six people begins.
In 1998, the tenants were summoned to an idol apartment and faced endless encouragement.
The truth, repeated reversals, and continued doubts and checks on each other. In addition, the released preview video shows the atmosphere of "Apartment 404" and the apartment, which has a lot of retro sensibilities.
It is eye-catching and features images of residents moving around. Yoo Jae Suk, Cha Tae Hyeong, Oh Na Ra, Yang Se Chan, JENNIE, and Lee Jung Ha got together and at that time, “
They drive towards the scene of the crime in an old car that has been designated as the "people's car."JENNIE, in particular, attracts attention as she transforms into Kim Hee Sun from the TV series "Tomato." In contrast, Yang Se-chan
Yoo Jae Suk said, ``As expected of JENNIE,'' praising her exceptional digestive power. On the other hand, tvN's ``Apartment 404'', which exposes a real incident that occurred in an apartment in 1998, will be aired today (2
It will be broadcast for the first time at 8:40 pm on the 3rd.
2024/02/23 13:02 KST
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