「LE SSERAFIM」ホ・ユンジン、米人気番組「The Kelly Clarkson Show」に出演!米歌手MAXとステージも披露
“LE SSERAFIM” Huh Yun Jin appears on the popular US program “The Kelly Clarkson Show”! Also performed on stage with American singer MAX
Huh Yun Jin of the Korean girl group ``LE SERAFIM'' appeared on the US NBC's popular program ``The Kelly Clarkson Show.''
Huh Yun Jin appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson" broadcast on the 13th (local time).
"STUPID IN LOVE" with American singer-songwriter MAX.
(Feat. HUH YUNJIN of LE SSERAFIM)" stage. “The Kelly Clarkson
The Emmy Awards are America's most prestigious television awards ceremony.
It is one of America's popular talk shows that has won three awards.
On this day, Huh Yun Jin attracted the ears with a soft and powerful tone, and danced to the rhythm with MAX.
They captivated viewers with the way they enjoyed the stage, exchanging dribbling. After the performance, host Kelly Clarkson said, ``Huh Yun Jin and LE
``Coachella Valley Music and Arts'' next month.
``We can meet at ``Coachella Festival'' (hereinafter referred to as ``Coachella''),'' and ``LE
SSERAFIM" has heightened expectations for their stage performance at the festival. “LE
SSERAFIM will appear at Coachella on April 13th and 20th. They are the artists who will hold an exclusive performance at this venue in the shortest period of time after their debut among Korean singers of all time.
It became "Coachella" is one of the largest music festivals in the United States, attracting more than 200,000 people every year, and a large number of influential top-class musicians perform.
do. LE entered the US Billboard's main single chart "HOT 100" with the title song "EASY" of their 3rd mini album.
SSERAFIM' is expected to leave a strong impression on global music fans through their 'Coachella' performance.

MAX Performs 'Stupid In Love' ft. Huh Yunjin On The Kelly Clarkson Show
MAX Performs 'Stupid In Love' ft. Huh Yunjin On The Kelly Clarkson Show


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