Concerns over ”health red flags” from ”aespa” and ”NewJeans” - from pneumothorax surgery to fractures and injuries
The health of active idols is now in danger, and concerns are growing as it is difficult for them to get enough rest due to their busy schedules.
On the 12th, it was revealed that WINTER from the group "aespa" underwent pneumothorax surgery. Pneumothorax is a disease in which air or gas accumulates in the pleural cavity, and management office SM Entertainment said, "
"WINTER recently underwent pneumothorax surgery and is currently recovering," the company said. "As this is a disease that is prone to recurrence, this is a preemptive measure based on the findings of medical staff and was decided upon after extensive discussion."
"We plan to prioritize WINTER's recovery as we move forward with future schedules." WINTER is set to make a comeback with aespa in May.
In addition, starting in Seoul in June, aespa is scheduled to visit various countries overseas for their second world tour.
In response, fans are expressing concern for WINTER's health, as the group is known to be proceeding with its scheduled schedule.
HYEIN of New Jeans, who was scheduled to make a comeback in May, also had to suspend activities for a while due to injury.
On the 10th, ADOR, the management office of NewJeans, announced, "HYEIN experienced pain in the instep of her foot during practice and has been diagnosed with an illness.
"The examination revealed a microfracture, and the medical staff advised him to minimize movement until he recovers, so he will be suspending his schedule for the time being.
In response, fans commented, "Rather than worrying about the comeback date, we hope she will focus on her recovery and not push herself too hard during her rest period," and "She will not suffer any aftereffects,"
On the 5th, Hong Eun-chae of "LE SSERAFIM" was forced to cancel her scheduled recording of KBS2's "Music" due to sudden acute gastritis symptoms.
He did not appear as an MC on the TV show "Kyu-Kyu Bank," causing concern among fans. Also, in January, (G)I-DLE had to put a stop to their comeback due to health issues of a member.
Minnie and Yugi had to suspend their schedules for a while due to sudden illness and fever symptoms, and it was reported that Minnie in particular had experienced four health problems in the past two months.
This has caused more disappointment in reactions. Currently, female idols who are busy with their schedules are experiencing health problems.
Fans are concerned about the schedule, despite the fact that sufficient recovery time is necessary.
is increasing further.
2024/04/12 18:10 KST
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