”BTS” V bulks up to 75kg... Reveals his latest update after taking military leave ”Celebrating Producer Na's birthday”
V, a member of the Korean boy band "BTS", who is currently serving in the military, shared his recent situation during his leave. On the 12th (today), V posted on his SNS story function, "Loyalty. Everyone is former
How is it going? I'm exercising healthily, I've got great abs, I'm doing great training, and I'm spending my time in a good mood!"
He continued, "I took some time off to celebrate Producer Na's birthday and spend time with friends, having fun talking about the military.
I worked out hard and got down to 75kg, but the guys in my unit have really good bodies, so I need to work a bit harder. I'll do my best. See you later," he said recently.
In the accompanying photo, V is seen spending time in casual clothes. Fans are in awe of his handsome recent appearance, showing off his short hair and much larger physique.
Meanwhile, V applied to join the Capital Defense Command Special Task Force (SDT) and passed the first document screening, second interview and physical fitness test, enlisting in the military in December last year.
He is currently serving in the Chuncheon Army 2nd Corps as part of the Military Police Special Task Force, which is under the direct command of the headquarters.
2024/04/12 20:05 KST
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