「BTS」、「2024 FESTA」盛況のうちに幕
”BTS”, ”2024 FESTA” ends with great success... JIN, ”Thank you ARMY for waiting”
The festival held by ‘BTS’ and ‘ARMY’ (the name of the fandom) came to a spectacular end.

On the 13th June, ‘BTS’ held ‘2024 FESTA’ in Jamsil, Seoul. The ‘FESTA’ is a festival that ‘BTS’ enjoys with their fans every year to commemorate their debut day (13 June).

JIN's appearance made ‘2024 FESTA’ even brighter, as JIN, who was discharged from the military on the 12th June, chose to meet fans as his first step. He exchanged warm hugs and communicated with 4,000 fans in the second part of the event, ‘Seokjin, sunny weather on the 13th June 2024’.

The two-part event began with the powerful voice of a fan shouting "Kim Seok Jin" JIN appeared on stage riding a bicycle, just like a scene from the music video for his first solo single ‘The Astronaut’ released in 2022, and said, "I'm back home. I feel like I've re-launched," he said in greeting, “Just looking at ARMY is enough to give me energy.”

JIN performed the performance stage of ‘SUPER TUNA’ for the first time in 2021 in front of his fans, which really set the mood. ‘SUPER TUNA’ was originally only up to number 1, but JIN produced and premiered number 2 for the occasion. Apart from that, he sang his solo songs ‘The Astronaut’ and ‘Moon’, and proceeded with the recently popular challenge, the dance challenge to JUNG KOOK's ‘Seven (feat. Latto)’ and his nickname ‘EATJIN’ moppan and other fun activities. He had a good time. In the middle of the fan event, letters sent by all six members except JIN were shown to the public, which gave fans a great impression.

In his final speech, JIN said "I prepared hard for (this festa)" and added, "Thank you for waiting for me with your unchanged appearance. I also want to be a light for you ARMY members, always going round and round by your side" and expressed his heartfelt gratitude. JIN also presented purple bouquets to fans going home, leaving a deep aftertaste until the end.

BTS JIN、長い間待ってくれたARMY1000人と共にするハグ会ファンミーティング現場!
BTS JIN、長い間待ってくれたARMY1000人と共にするハグ会ファンミーティング現場!

2024/06/14 11:58 KST
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