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Suyeong(Girls’ Generation)


  • Hangul: 수영
  • Birthdate: 1990/2/10 (age 34)

Suyeong (Korean: 수영) is an entertainer and singer. The genre of music is dance. A tall member of "SNSD (Girls' Generation)" who is fluent in Japanese.
Born on February 10, 1990. Hobbies/special skills: Watching movies, listening to music, Japanese, dancing, acting.
Korean management office: SARAM Entertainment (as of 2023). 2002 <route0> "START".
Representative works: [Music] (Activities as a group <SNSD (Girls' Generation)> are omitted) 2002 "START", "Wakuwaku Its"
Love”, 2003 “Painting” (both in Japan-Korea idol duo “route0”) [TV Series]
"Unstoppable Marriage" (08/KBS), "Cyrano Agency" (13/tvN)
, "Spring Days of My Life" (14/MBC), "The Man Who Set Up" (17/MBC), "Tell Me What You Saw" (20/OCN), "Still We Keep Running" (20/JTBC) ), “
Say Your Wish” (22/KBS), “Send me a fan letter” (22/MBC) [Movie] “Junjou Manga” (08) [MC] MBC “Fantastic”
Duo Season 2”. South Korean singer Sooyoung's real name is Choi Sooyoung. 1 at the "Japan-Korea Ultra Idol Duo Audition" that started at the end of 2001 on TV Tokyo "ASAYAN"
Chosen from 5,000 applicants (Japan and South Korea combined), she worked with Marina Takahashi from Japan as "route0" produced by Ryuichi Kawamura. Therefore Japanese
Fluent. She entered SM Entertainment through the same audition and became a member of "SNSD (Girls' Generation)" after seven years of practice. Even among "SNSD (Girls' Generation)", the goodness of the style is outstanding. experience and practice
There is only a long interval, and it is also the central existence of member. Mainly active as a dancer in "SNSD (Girls' Generation)". . Episode/Anecdote:・Dating with actor Jung Kyung-ho since 2012
are doing. .

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