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少女時代-Oh! GG

  • Hangul: 소녀시대-오!지지

SNSD-Oh! GG (Korean: 소녀시대-오!지지) is a singer. The genre of music is dance. "SNSD (Girls' Generation)" A unit consisting of Tae Yeon, Yuna, YURI, Sunny, and Hyo Yeon
. Debuted on September 5, 2018. 2018 single "Lil' Touch". Masterpiece: [Music] (Activities of the group "SNSD (Girls' Generation)" omitted)
[Program] Reality program "GIRLS FOR REST" (18/JTBC2, NAVER TV, V LIVE).
Korean singer ``SNSD-Oh!
loop. The unit name "SNSD-Oh! GG" is a combination of the exclamation "Oh!" and the English abbreviation "GG" of SNSD (Girls' Generation). A variety of styles to show with various combinations of members
It has the meaning of attracting global fans with music and charm. A name with a unique pronunciation reminiscent of the standard Japanese word ojida, which means "clever and firm."
It was born based on the opinions of the members in front. .

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