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  • English:D.P.
  • Korean:D.P.
  • Original Network: Netflix(2021)
  • Aired: 2021/08/27 - 2021/08/27
DP (Korean: DP) is TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2021-08-27. The broadcast will end on 2021-08-27.
The broadcasting station is Netflix (2021). A young man from the army's deserter arrest group (DP), which captures deserters, chases them with various stories.
This work depicts a person coming face to face with a reality that they were completely unaware of. . Private JUNHO (Jung HaeIn) is given a new mission. While chasing a deserter, he encounters a painful reality. stop
I also know that no matter how much I try to run away, I can't escape... . The Korean TV series ``DP - Deserter Tracker'' is about a young man from the army's deserter arrest group (DP) who captures deserters in various episodes.
This is a work that depicts how they encounter a reality that they had no idea about while chasing a group of people with a ``do''. Based on the popular webtoon "DP Dog Day". All EP6.
Actor Jung HaeIn portrays Private Ahn Junho, who enlisted to escape a violent and lethargic environment, from a military perspective.
Actor Koo Kyo Hwan will play the role of Private Han Ho-yeol, who has a brazen appearance and manner of speaking that even the sergeant can be proud of. Actor Kim Sung Kyun will play the role of Park Beom-goo, an Army military police investigator who is in charge of military separation.

《DP (Deserter Pursuit)》 (Korean: DP) is produced by JTBC Studio and released on Netflix on August 27, 2021.
It is a Korean drama. It is a live-action adaptation of Kim Bo-tong's webtoon 《DP Dog Day》. For reference, DP is the name of 'Deserter Pursuit'.
If translated directly as an abbreviation, it means 'pursuit of deserters', and in military terms it mainly refers to the 'dedicated team for arresting deserters of military duty' of the military police (old name, military police). December 2021
On the 14th, production of Season 2 was announced, and Season 2 was released on July 28, 2023.

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