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Taste of Horror

Taste of Horror
  • English:Taste of Horror
  • Korean: 괴담만찬
  • Release Date: 2023/10/18
  • Duration: 117分
Ghost Story Dinner (Korean: 괴담만찬) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2023-10-18. The running time is 117 minutes.
K-horror depicts horrors worse than death that befall people blinded by desire.
A dance challenge I did unexpectedly to make my wish come true
Entrance exam secrets taught by Doppelganger who broke his neck under a bridge over the Han River
◆◆The secret of Motel 307 that you should never go to after hitting the jackpot
Taboo in the exclusive gym for residents of high-class ●● apartments ■■ Cruel experiments currently being conducted in the laboratory
An extraordinary act committed by Moppang BJ, who has 1.54 million subscribers, during a live performance. A horror worse than death befalls those blinded by desire! .
The Korean movie ``Ghost Story Dinner'' depicts a horror worse than death that befalls people blinded by desire.
K-horror drawn. Based on the webtoon "Tastes of Horror: Ghost Story Dinner".