The promotional website for the group SEVENTEEN's best album is buzzing with fans from around the world.
According to Entertainment, a total of 6 million people (including multiple visitors) accessed SEVENTEEN's best album promotion website from the 7th to the 14th.
During this period, various fan events were held on the promotion website.
In particular, the "TEAM" poll will feature votes for each member's favorite title song from among SEVENTEEN's past title songs.
The "PHOTO" corner received a positive response. The visitor participation event has now ended, but the page is still up and running, allowing visitors to see the results at a glance.
In addition to the promotional website, SEVENTEEN is promoting their best album "17 IS RIGHT" through various content.
HERE" provides some tips.
On the 15th, the four track samplers posted on SEVENTEEN's official SNS included:
The album contains some never-before-heard tracks, making global fans excited. From the 17th, official photos, tracklists, highlight medleys, and
Coin "SEVENTEEN" special, official music video teaser, etc. will be released sequentially.
Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN's best album "17 IS RIGHT" will be released, covering the past, present and future of the group.
"SEVENTEEN TOUR HERE" will be released on the 29th. Prior to this, SEVENTEEN will hold an encore tour "SEVENTEEN TOUR HERE" at super-large stadiums in Korea and Japan.
The tour began on March 30-31 at the Asia Stadium in Incheon and will continue until April 27-29 at the 'FOLLOW' AGAIN' concert.
After the tournament at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th, the matches will continue at Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka on May 18-19th, and Nissan Stadium in Kanagawa on May 25-26th.

By minmin 2024/04/16 21:16 KST