Actor Byeon WooSeok explained the reasons why he experienced many failures before reaching his current position as a youth star.
On the 16th, the YouTube content "Hong SukChun's Treasure Box" announced that the TV series "Sungjae Runs with His Back"
" Byeon WooSeok, who has been well-received for his role in "Model From," appeared as a guest. Byeon WooSeok, a model from, is 189cm tall.
On this day, Byeon WooSeok said, "It depends on the situation, but I'm going to go from 188cm to 190cm.
He added, "I think I've shrunk down for the two of you today and come out 188cm tall. I came out with confidence, but I don't know why I shrunk down."
Hong SukChun, who is a close friend of Byeon WooSeok, said, "I thought Byeon WooSeok had the face of an actor even when he was a model.
And whenever we met, he would encourage me. He would tell me that the opportunity might come at any time, so I should definitely learn acting," he said, revealing his foresight.
Surprisingly, Byeon WooSeok also mentioned that he experienced many failures before establishing himself as a youth actor.
Byeon WooSeok said, "I failed auditions over 100 times.
I always fell so low I wondered if it was possible to fall that low," he said, adding, "In the end it was all down to hard work.
I worked hard and steadily, passed the audition, and started to achieve things one by one," she confessed.

By minmin 2024/04/16 22:06 KST