Singer LEE JIN HYUK showed off his unexpected charm. Lee Jin Hyuk's management office building
Entertainment recently announced Lee Jin Hyuk's 6th mini album "NEW
They have ignited excitement for their comeback by releasing the second concept photo and concept film for "QUEST: JUNGLE".
First of all, the unique mood of Lee Jin Hyuk in the photo, which emphasizes the white color, catches the eye.
Lee Jin-hyuk, who added a touch of hip charisma with his transparent goggles, used various objects such as lines with English letters to stimulate curiosity.
The photo of Lee Jin Hyuk wearing a brown suit enhanced his immersiveness in the concept, and he captivated viewers with his languid sexiness.
With a relaxed look on his face, he tilted his head to the side, showing off his sharp facial lines, and his toned abs were visible through the jacket he was wearing casually.
As you can guess from the album title, Lee Jin Hyuk's 6th mini album "NEW QUEST: JUNGLE" is
The meaning behind the new title is, "A new chapter begins for Lee Jin Hyuk." Although he had a long hiatus as a singer, Lee Jin Hyuk has continued to work hard on his acting and variety shows.
Through this new album, Jinhyuk is expected to show his growth as a 6th year artist.
"QUEST: JUNGLE" will be released on various online music stream sites at 6 p.m. on the 23rd.

By minmin 2024/04/16 22:40 KST