「Sweet Home ー俺と世界の絶望ーシーズン2」監督、「ソン・ガンのシーズン1より成熟した姿に感激」
Director of ”Sweet Home - Ore to Sekai no Despair - Season 2”: ”I'm impressed by how Song Kang has become more mature than in Season 1”
Korean actor Song Kang mentioned the hard work he put into ``Sweet Home - Season 2''. Morning of the 30th, S, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Actors Song Kang and LEEJINWOO appeared at the production presentation for season 2 of the Netflix original series "Sweet Home - Despair of the World -" held at FACTORY.
, Lee Si Young, Go MinSi, Jin Young (formerB1A4), Yu Oh Sung, Kim Moo Yul, and director Lee Eun participated and lit up the seats.
On this day, Song Kang said, ``I talked to the director because I wanted Hyun Soo to be more mature.''
``I think I put a lot of thought into that part because there was a negative opinion,'' he said, referring to the part he was careful about. Song Kang said, ``I have a mischievous personality, but even when I go to the set, I'm always playful.
When I played Hyun Soo during the drama, I felt a little relieved. From then on, I think I kept telling myself to try to feel Hyun-soo's emotions in my daily life."
In response, director Lee Eun said, ``He obviously came with a different look from season 1.When season 2 was decided, I met Song Kang at my office,
He was very mature. I remember feeling like I was about to cry, and Song Kang was also about to cry. It seems like he maintained that well until the end," he added, raising expectations.
On the other hand, Season 2 of the Netflix series "Sweet Home - Despair of Me and the World" is a world where desire becomes a monster. Leave your green home and live in a new place.
From Hyun-soo and the Green Home survivors fighting their own deadly battles to survive, to the appearance of other beings and unknown mysterious phenomena. A story depicting new desires, incidents, and deadly battles.
It will be released on (1st).

「Sweet Home -俺と世界の絶望-」シーズン2 - Netflix Japan

2023/11/30 13:19 KST
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