”BLACKPINK's JISOO,” ”ENHYPEN's” Jake and other K-POP idols are worried about a series of malicious posts from overseas fans saying, ”Don't drink coffee from Company S!”
K-pop stars have been receiving a bounty of vicious posts from their international fans after drinking coffee from S-brand, which has recently been classified as a "pro-Israel" company and is the subject of a widespread boycott campaign.

 On the 5th of this month, Jake of the Korean boy group ENHYPEN held a live-streaming event through the global fan community.

 On that day, he was drinking S-brand coffee, which some international fans saw and criticized Jake for classifying the brand as "pro-Israel" and called for a boycott.

 When the fans reacted violently, Jake immediately moved the coffee to his glass. He apologized, saying, "I made a mistake," and promised to "make sure this never happens again."

 Singer Jung So-mi also became controversial when she uploaded a video of herself using an S-brand tumbler on her SNS last December. At the time, she eventually deleted the video after a baptism of malicious posts.

 Other members of the Korean girl group BLACKPINK's JISOO, Red Velvet's Seulgi, boy group SEVENTEEN's Hosi, and girl group aespa's WINTER have also been mentioned together and have been hit with the sack by their overseas fans.

 Currently, S brand and other large franchises are surrounded by allegations that they supported the Palestinian genocide fund. In response, overseas fans are demanding feedback from K-pop stars who consume S-Brand, and are suggesting that they refrain from collaborating with controversial companies.

 Meanwhile, Korean fans who saw the news explained that the S brand, which operates in Korea, must be a Korean brand since the U.S. headquarters sold its stake in the company and the Korean parent company bought it all. .
2024/01/11 14:24 KST
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