「Wanna One」の友情続く…キム・ジェファン、パク・ジフン出演ドラマ「幻影恋歌」OST歌唱
The friendship of “WANNA ONE” continues… KIM JAE HWAN, Park Ji Hoon starring TV series “Gengei Renka” OST singing
Singer KIM JAE HWAN will provide reassuring support for Park Ji Hoon, who is appearing in the TV series "Illusion Love Song."
KBSMon-TueTV Series “Fantasy Love Song” (Screenplay: Yoon Kyung-ah, Director: Lee
・CJ ENM, who is in charge of producing the OST (original soundtrack) of ``Jongseob'', and ShowPlay will release the 5th OST, KIM JAE HWAN's ``Wind'', at 6 pm on the 5th.
It was announced that they would be releasing ``Please Become a Person.'' “Kaze Become” is a ballad that begins with a warm nylon guitar sound and features a restrained and vague arrangement.
The song is a song in which KIM JAE HWAN's voice, which starts calmly as if he is speaking, and has a deep emotion in the second half, creates a perfect harmony. Prior to this, it was inserted into the main scene of the TV series and was already popular among fans.
It has received a passionate response, and expectations are high that it will be possible to listen to the end after its official release. In particular, KIM JAE HWAN, who took on the role of singing, is the main character of "Gensou Koika".
He is drawing more and more attention by showing his ``loyalty'' by providing support for Goo Ji-hoon. The two met through "PRODUCE 101 Season 2" in 2017 and appeared on "Wanna".
They once worked together as members of ``One'' and once again proved their deep friendship through ``Gensou Renka''. ``Gensou Koika'' is about a man with two contradictory personalities and the woman who loved him.
A fantasy historical drama romance that goes back and forth between love and obsession. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name. On the other hand, KBSMon-TueTV Series "Gensou Renka" OST Part 5
"Sai" will be released on all music streaming sites at 6 pm on the 5th.
2024/02/05 16:42 KST
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