KARINA becomes an advertising model for energy drinks...her advertising video vlog is also a hot topic
KARINA, a member of the Korean girl group "aespa," has been appointed as the model for Guangdong Pharmaceutical's energy drink "Vita 500 Zero," and a new advertisement has been released.
Karina is a member of aespa, which has produced many global mega-hit songs such as "Spicy" and "Drama," and is popular with the public for her bright and healthy image.
Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical explained that this image of Karina matches the goal of Vita 500 Zero, which is to pursue "healthy zero," and therefore chose her as the new model.
The Vlog concept promotional video released on the 15th gives a glimpse into Karina's natural everyday life.
The product's features are conveyed through the advertising music by KARINA, who uses her voice, and the bright, emotional and sensual visuals. The renewed Vita 500 Zero black label package has also been confirmed.
In addition, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical will be pre-selling a photo card set of KARINA through the official mall "Kwangdong Chamber of Commerce".
There will also be a mission-execution event for fans. Various prizes will be given away by lottery, including a commemorative prize for KARINA's appointment as a model.
A representative from Guangdong Pharmaceutical said, "We are running an advertising campaign with KARINA, the new face of Vita 500 Zero.
"We plan to launch a campaign to expand communication with the younger generation. We will once again inform the public about the difference between healthy zero and set a trend."

広東 ビタ500 ZERO with KARINA - KARINAのゼロな日常探求
広東 ビタ500 ZERO with KARINA - KARINAのゼロな日常探求

2024/04/16 10:32 KST
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