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Between Him and Her

Between Him and Her
  • English:Between Him and Her
  • Korean:남과 여
  • Original Network: CHANNEL A(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/12/26 - 2024/03/15
man and woman (Korean: 남과 여) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-12-26. The broadcast will end on 2024-03-15.
The broadcasting station is CHANNEL A (2023). Donghae (SUPER
JUNIOR) Latest romance TV series! . 7 years of love. As much as I'm used to it, and as easy as it is, it's also boring. Pushed by my friends, pushed by work, and now I can't do better than soccer...
. . The Korean TV series ``Man and Woman ~7 Year Dilemma~'' is a youth romance TV series that empathizes with the reality of a man who can't break up with a woman who can't break up with him amidst love and boredom.
Based on the webtoon of the same name. Simultaneous STREAM with Lemino. Total EP12. Her highest audience rating was 0.5% for EP1.
Donghae (SUPER JUNIOR) plays fashion designer Jung Hyun Sung. Actress Lee Sul plays jewelry designer Han Sung Ok.
. Actor Im Jae Hee-hyuk plays Oh Min-hyuk, a part-time worker who has no interest in employment, love, or marriage. Actress Yoon Yeji-yu plays Min-hyuk's middle school classmate Kim Hyeri-young.
. Actress Yoon Yeji will play Min Hyuk's middle school classmate Kim Hyeri. Actor Kang Jun-gyu will play Bu Jeong-min, a middle school and high school classmate of Min-hyuk and Hyeri-yeon.
Actress Lee Hwi-seo will play Jang Eun-ji, a middle school and high school classmate of Min-hyuk and Hyeri Jung. Actor Baek Seon-ho plays model Jang EUN WOO.
Actor Choi WonMyeong plays Anne Schiff, a free sexist who refuses those who come and pursues those who leave.
Actress Baek Soo Hee plays Yoon Yoo Joo, who grew up with parents who often fought over financial reasons. Actor Kim Hyeon Mok plays Kim Hyeon Seop, the son of a famous dim sum franchise.
Jiru. Actress Park Jung Hwa will play Sung Ok's best friend Ryu Eun Jung. Actor Yeon Jae Hee will play Kim Gun-yeop, Sung-ok's junior.
Actor Baek Seong Hyeon will play Kim Jong Hyun, a jewelry designer who is Seong Ok's senior in college.
Actress Shin Eun Jung will play Choi Myung Suk, Sung Ok's mother.



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