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Taeyeon(Girls’ Generation)


  • Hangul: 태연
  • Birthdate: 1989/3/9 (age 34)

Taeyeon (Korean: 태연) is an entertainer and singer. The genre of music is dance. The main vocal of "SNSD (Girls' Generation)", which has a reputation for singing ability.
Born March 9, 1989. Hobbies/special skills: watching movies, listening to music, singing/Chinese. Korean management office: SM Entertainment.
2007 <SNSD (Girls' Generation)> "The world we met again". Masterpiece: [Music] (Activities as a group <SNSD (Girls' Generation)> omitted)
2008 "What if" (TV Series "Kaito Hong Gilton" OST), "Can You Hear" (
TV Series "Beethoven Virus" OST), 2015 solo "I (feat. Verbal)
Jint), 2016 Rain, Why, 11:11, 2017 Fine, Make Me
Love You, This Christmas, 2018 Something New, 2019 Spark, Four
Seasons, 2020 Dear Me, What Do I Call
You”, “Happy”, 2021 “Weekend”, 2022 “INVU”, “Can’t Control”
Myself] [Radio] "Kanggin, Tae Yeon's Close Friend" (08-09), "Tae Yeon's Close Friend" (09-10).
Korean singer Tae Yeon (Kim Tae Yeon) is the main vocal of "SNSD (Girls' Generation)". SM en
Spent 5 years and 3 months of practice at Tatainment. Before belonging to the same office, the singer "The One"'s "You Bring me
joy”, and had a reputation for her singing ability even before her debut. Also, "Beethoven Will
In addition to participating in the OST of popular TV series such as Su”, he is also active as a radio DJ. . Episode/Anecdote:・ BAEK of "EXO" on June 19, 2014
He admitted that he is dating HYUN.・In September 2015, it was reported that he and EXO's BAEK HYUN broke up after 1 year and 3 months. .

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